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Oct 20, · 9mm and special metal penetration. Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by Tired_and_hungry, The Soviet WW2 SN body armour consisted of 2mm steel plates, and 9mm bullets from couldn't penetrate it reliably at about yards. According to the Schwartz mild steel sheet penetration model, a 9mm 89gr.

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Apr 12, · Maximum penetration capability of standard ammunition against mild steel? what will penetrate a 1/8 of an inch plate of mild steel? what wont? how about 3/16 9mm, a 22LR bullet won't penetrate a steel plate of any value. case in point, a penetrator armor piercing around will burn by way of a a million/4 inch piece of Status: Resolved.

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May 20, · I haven't shot at any steel yet with my hi point 9mm, but did shoot some cast iron & aluminum, plus a hog (from a store) & alot of wood. I got a pretty good handle on 9mm penetration. its not much. I figure 1/2" soft steel will stop all rounds, 3/8" regular steel, 1/4" hardened Resolved.

Aug 18, · Suggested experiment: 9mm penetration of steel plate Discussion in 'Ask Old Painless' started by bcs, Aug 1, Aug 1, #1. bcs. 2 I have a sort of vision of a steel plate, coated in that stuff, then cut up and drilled to be stitched onto a kevlar or similar backing, in scales. It should be like a poor man's equivalent of that. Mar 10, · 9mm steel penetration, 9mm wood penetration, bullet penetration, bullet penetration in wood, bullet penetration steel, bullet penetration steel plate, bullet penetration test wood, bullet penetration wood, steel plate bullet penetration, what can a 9mm bullet penetrate.
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Sep 17, · 9 mm vs 22 mag penetration in steel I was shooting CCI 40 gr jacketed hollow point. I also shot the 1/4" paddle with a 9mm gr ball at 7 yards. The 9mm didn't even dent the steel, but it bent the paddle. Observations, questions, comments welcome. . i'm no physicist but the greater mass of the g 9mm pushed the plate which obsorbed.

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Apr 05, · Bullet Penetration in iron and steel plate What gauge of (Iron or steel plate) can stop 9 mm and 30 bore bullet? but my guess is that an inch of hard iron is good enough for 9mm has much less penetration. Ill ask one of the engineers , PM #3. HussainAli. and will not penetrate more than three surfaces regardless of. Oct 24, · Penetration Tests of Grain Steel Core Ammo It could not penetrate a half inch of AR armor plate. Penetration of 4 inches of unreinforced concrete was achieved with 10 rounds hitting in the same place. 12 rounds in the same place resulted in a hole you could easily see through. More power behind the bullet than with our x54Rs.

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Bullet Penetration Demonstration Fact Sheet. Presented by Bill Hutson - City of Boulder, Facilities Coordinator. In Attendance. steel plate 9mm auto 12 ga. Slug Win & Win Mag. 5/8" Gypsum on 2"X4" studs with 1/2" plywood both sides and cavity filled with concrete. 9mm. Apr 01, · 9mm vs penetration If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.

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Penetration of armor plate. but never will penetrate one cm of steel. If those bullets were made from tungsten, they might penetrate such armour. //20*) should give the maximum thickness of armour that can be penetrated by this bullet (*about the toughness of steel) =9mm I know for a hard fact that these bullets can pierce 30mm. May 05, · Marine Mike Reviews: Bullet Penetration. steel plate at meters, so that brick wall you're content to crouch behind doesn't stand a chance. (A lovely experiment shown here shows that.
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Jan 01, · 9mm FMJ will penetrate mild steel fired at 90 degrees to the plate. Regular 40S&W with a semi-flat nosed bullet fails to penetrate under the same conditions (just dents the metal then expands). Penetration depends on exact location of hit.

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